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Working with You

Lumious doesn’t offer a boxed solution. We don’t sell a swiss army knife or slice-o-matic. Lumious helps companies expand their scope and reduce their costs by building on, extending and integrating your software.

The Lumious team is as cognizant of your workflows, procedures and existing systems as we are of our deliverables which fit seamlessly into your business operations.

Before we develop a plan or estimate, and long before we write any code the Lumious team will spend the time to understand the systems and work environment into which our deliverables will be incorporated. What we deliver becomes an integral part of your system for the long haul.

Protecting Privacy

Privacy is a combination of international regulatory compliance and cyber-security. The goal is to keep user data out of harm’s way. The best practices in cyber-security are always in front of the regulatory wave, but cyber-security without regulatory compliance exposes your firm to potential legal entanglements and engineering abuse.

The Lumious team employs Privacy by Design, developed by a Certified Information Privacy Manager, in all of its development and integration engagements. We look at the data, the users, the domain and the existing environment in designing software. Our QA functions include affirmative checks for the privacy regulations.

Software is Not Art

There may be a kid in a basement somewhere playing with a Raspberry Pi who just loves programming and wants to show his friends how cool his new program looks. However, the last time I was at MOMA, I didn’t see any server code on display.

When you get to it, software development and integration is about saving money for our clients. Often it’s about automating a task or report, or uncovering the data for better decision making. With regularity it’s about incorporating consumers and business partners directly in activities. Providing greater customer satisfaction while allowing your staff to focus more attention on non-trivial activities.

Lumious evaluates, advises, designs and builds software solutions. Whether it’s adding a new client, integrating a new resources or building a new portal. Lumious has the unique ability to speak both geek and business and translate smoothly between the two.

A Rare Certainty

Lumious solutions often allow for very simple capital budgeting solutions. The formulas for capital budgeting are straight forward. Evaluating the uncertainties is the challenge. Lumious can help.

Lumious can provide fixed price development options that include multiple year fixed price maintenance agreements. You’ll know your costs with certainty. Our detailed scope of work that includes data flow, systems and human interfaces tells you exactly what will be delivered and allows for better evaluation of the value to be received.

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