10 Email Privacy Rules – #10

lumious, privacyrules, tech2000
lumious, privacyrules, tech2000



10. Never publish an email address on a web page.

Email addresses all follow a pattern. They have an ‘@’ in the middle and no spaces. A very simple program can harvest emails from the web and use them as the basis for attacks. When the hacker knows the email exists the battle is half won.

Email aliases may be worse as the hacker can gain access to multiple targets at one time. The more targets, the better possibility that someone will fall for the ploy and click the link or open the attachment.

A single use webmaster account that does not forward might be acceptable if the emails are scrubbed or the webmaster is well trained in identifying email risks. #dataprivacy #internetsecurity #emailprivacy #privacyrules

-Bruce Carlson (Privacy Attorney)



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