10 Email Privacy Rules – #5

privacyrules, lumious, tech2000
privacyrules, lumious, tech2000

5. Never click links in an email.

Clicking a link in an email is like taking bite on a hook. It is how you get phished. That email looks important. It appears to be from a reputable firm. The sender want to help you. Just click the link to log in.

Merely clicking the link tells the sender that the email account is in use, and that you have an interest or concern about the subject presented and that you are at least a little gullible. Be prepared for more emails.

If you log in on the linked page, you have just given the hacker the keys to the kingdom, a user name and password combination. Expect that combination to be immediately tested against every email provider and financial institution.

Very sophisticated people fall for phishing. You read about them in the newspaper. #dataprivacy #internetsecurity #emailprivacy #PrivacyRules

-Bruce Carlson (Privacy Attorney)



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