10 Email Privacy Rules – #6

privacyrules, lumious, tech2000
privacyrules, lumious, tech2000


6. Never open attachments in emails.

Computers are very dumb. They need smart owners to protect them. A computer is so dumb that it thinks ‘open’ and ‘run’ mean the same thing. When you click on an email attachment, you are telling the computer to open, run or open and run the attachment. What you likely wanted to say was, “if this is safe to open and won’t put illegal, spam, spyware, a troll, a virus, or a back door onto my computer; let me see it”.

And since you can’t tell the difference in a file labeled cute kittens, there is a possibility that opening the attachment will be a bad experience.

Opening attachments is a major cause of system infections. Just don’t. #dataprivacy #internetsecurity #emailprivacy #PrivacyRules

-Bruce Carlson (Privacy Attorney)


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