10 Email Privacy Rules – #7

privacyrules, lumious, tech2000
privacyrules, lumious, tech2000

7. Never view images in emails.

Your email client may tell you, “Images have not been download to protect you privacy.” Then you click the “Download Images”. Worse yet, you configure your email client to always download images so you don’t have to push the button or wait.

Until the image embedded in the email is downloaded, the sender doesn’t know whether the email address used is legitimate, whether the email has been read, or where the reader is located. ‘TheRealBruceCarlson@PrivacyLoop.com’ might not exist. When the promised Russian Bride Image is opened, the send knows the address exists, where the email was opened, and that someone is interested in Russian Brides. #dataprivacy #internetsecurity #emailprivacy #PrivacyRules

-Bruce Carlson (Privacy Attorney)

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