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Work Flow Integration with APIs

Billions of dollars have been spent developing public APIs. I just checked and found one listing of over 15,000 public APIs, and I don’t even think that list is up to date. The top APIs are from Internet companies and social networks. Google has APIs for just about all of its services as does Yahoo and Bing. Facebook, Linkedin, and all their competitors have long had APIs and several lead with their APIs. There are also lessor known APIs which can feed your bottom line.

If you aren’t familiar with modern APIs they provide a standardized means for services to communicate with all kinds of clients: web, iOS, Android, or even another server. Often the the API is related to an application and the API is so complete one could actually build a new version of the application using the API.  [read more…]

Future Proof with API First Development

Our View of the Future
In 1968, Stanley Kubrick brought us the future where we met the Deity. Along the way we viewed a very certain future. A future where it was an everyday event to fly Pan Am to the moon via an airport like space station. Where we went to Bell Telephone phone booths and made video calls home. Where we ate at Howard Johnson’s and when we went beyond our moon, we spoke commands in simple English to our trusty computer Hal.

That was the future.

In 2006, I led a team building a ubiquitous video blog app. Tech Crunch called it a video blog, we call it VLIP, cleverly planning a marketing campaign that included DEVO singing VLIP it. We chose the only technology which ran on all major systems and platforms, Adobe Flash!  [read more…]

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