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The CyberOps Digital Mentoring Program (CO-DMP) is designed to help organizations better prepare for and effectively mitigate cyber security risks without the need to spend 10 days in the classroom.  This program helps learners to understand common security concepts such as basic threat analysis, event correlation, identifying malicious activity and how to use a playbook for incident response. Learners will also be introduced to the basic security techniques used in a Security Operations Center (SOC) to find threats on a network using a variety of popular security tools within a “real-life” network infrastructure.



The CyberOps Digital Mentoring Program is an accelerated 15-week, structured digital learning program with mentoring designed to help your employees develop the skills required for a security operations center analyst position and be prepared for the CCNA CyberOps certification. CO-DMP course content is presented in easily-consumable segments via instructor videos with text and dedicated live mentoring sessions with Cisco CyberOps certified and experienced instructors to ensure a valuable learning experience. Interactivity is enabled through discovery labs, content review questions, graded challenge labs and knowledge checks. This makes the learning experience hands-on, increasing course effectiveness, and provides both students and their managers direct feedback on how well they have mastered the material.  Additional gamification features are built in as well, including earning badges and a leaderboard, to encourage better performance.

The Program Consists of:

  • On-Demand Access to Digital Course Content – Instructor video and text, discovery labs, content review, challenge labs and tests.
    • SECFND – Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals
    • SECOPS – Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations
  • Live Mentorship from a CCSI Certified Instructor
    • Weekly mentorship sessions consisting of 2 one-hour scheduled group sessions with a certified instructor are available to guide students through the course content as well as provide Q&A interaction. All sessions are recorded and archived for review and understanding.
  • Learning Analytics and Customer Success Managers
    • Management Dashboard provides access to student activity and consumption of content to track progress.
    • Customer Success Managers provide proven value for both students and your company by ensuring effective student engagement and support throughout the program.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Describe, compare, and identify various network concepts
  • Fundamentals of TCP/IP
  • Describe and compare fundamental security concepts, network applications, and security challenges
  • Understand basic cryptography principles, incident analysis, event correlation and normalization, and resources available to assist with an investigation
  • Understand endpoint attacks, including interpreting log data to identify events in Windows and Linux
  • Develop knowledge in security monitoring, including identifying sources and types of data and events
  • Understand SOC infrastructure tools and systems
  • Learn how to identify malicious activity and describe common attack vectors
  • Understand the concept of a playbook and incident response handbook
  • Understand SOC Workflow Management system, automation, and effective SOC metrics

Target Audience:

  • Security Operations Center — Security Analyst
  • Computer Network Defense — Analyst
  • Computer Network Defense — Infrastructure Support Personnel
  • Future Incident Responders and Security Operations Center (SOC) personnel
  • Students beginning a career entering the cybersecurity field
  • IT personnel looking to learn more about the area of cybersecurity operations
  • Cisco Channel Partners

Course Description:


$3,000 (Limited time pricing)

*Redeem Cisco Learning Credits*

*Pricing includes 15-week program, learning portal access, course materials and labs, mentoring, management dashboard access for supervisors, and a dedicated customer success manager.

*Pricing does not include CCNA Certification exam, though vouchers are available for an additional fee.