Cisco Intersight Overview (DCISO)

Course Overview

Cisco Intersight Overview (DCISO) v1.0 is a 3-day instructor led course that builds your experience with the administration of Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) X-Series servers, including using Cisco Intersight for UCS management. This course covers architecture, configuration, and operation of Cisco Intersight®, and is designed to serve the needs of engineers seeking to understand the capabilities of Cisco Intersight for managing data centers from a single management platform.

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3 days
  • This course will help you:

    • Use SaaS or on-prem version of Cisco Intersight to enable IT organizations to analyze, simplify, and automate their environments in more advanced ways than the prior generations of tools
    • Gain hands-on experience using Cisco Intersight
    • Understand the X-Series, B-Series, and C-Series product line similarities and differences
    • Describe Cisco Intersight and how it can be used to manage UCS and Cisco Hyperflex®
    • Understand the process for upgrading firmware with Cisco Intersight
    • Administering server profiles, pools, and policies with Cisco Intersight
    • Describe how to get started with Cisco Intersight programmability

    After completing this course, you should be able to:

    • Understand Cisco UCS Management in Cisco Intersight
    • Describe the Cisco UCS Platform including Cisco X-Series
    • Understand Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer
    • Explain Kubernetes Orchestration with Cisco Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS) and Cisco UCS
    • Perform Automation Using Cisco Intersight
    • Create Intersight Elements Using Terraform
    • Manage Intersight Using the API
    • Describing Cisco UCS Management in Cisco Intersight
    • Describing the Cisco UCS Platform
    • Describing Cisco Intersight Workloads
    • Describing Automation Options Using Cisco Intersight
    • Configure Threat Prevention
    • Implement Web Security
    • Configure Cisco Intersight
    • Configuring Cisco Intersight Cisco UCS Server Profile
    • Explore a Cisco Intersight–Initiated Server OS installation
    • Configure the Cisco UCS X-Server in Cisco Intersight Managed Mode
    • Explore Cisco UCS Firmware Update
    • Kubernetes Orchestration with Cisco IKS
    • Cisco Intersight Cloud Orchestration
    • Configure Terraform Provider Registry
    • Configure Cisco Intersight with the Cisco Intersight API
  • Before taking this course, you should have:

    • Data Center experience
    • Operating systems and virtualization experience
    • Understanding of server system design and architecture
    • Basic knowledge of servers and storage
    • Familiarity with Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) and Cisco Hyperflex
    • Familiarity with Cisco UCS networking and storage concepts

    These recommended Cisco learning offerings may help students meet these prerequisites:

    • Introducing Cisco Unified Computing System (DCIUCS)
    • Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System (DCCUCS)
  • This course is designed for the following roles:

    • System administrators
    • Technical solutions architects
    • Systems integrators
    • Channel partners
    • Value-added resellers
    • Customer sales engineers
    • DevOps engineers
    • Sales engineers
    • Systems engineers
    • Technical solutions architects