Course Overview

The Cisco Prime™ Performance Manager course (CPPERF) offered by Cisco® Learning Services is a lab-intensive course that introduces the features of Cisco Prime Performance Manager.

Cisco Prime Performance Manager is a single performance management application that gets actionable information for the entire network, spanning core, aggregation, and access networks. This product gathers performance statistics for Cisco and multivendor network devices.

Cisco Prime Performance Manager can be offered as a standalone product or as a component of the Cisco Prime Carrier Management suite. Cisco Prime Carrier Management offers a comprehensive solution for simplifying the management of today’s highly complex multidomain carrier networks. This course combines lecture materials and hands-on labs throughout to make sure that you are able to successfully deploy and use Cisco Prime Performance Manager in your network.

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1 days
  • After completing this course, you should be able to:

    • Describe the features and benefits of Cisco Prime Performance Manager
    • Install Cisco Prime Performance Manager and perform initial configuration tasks
    • Use Cisco Prime Performance Manager features to assess network performance
    • Use Cisco Prime Performance Manager to set performance thresholds to proactively monitor for performance conditions before they impact the network operations
  • Module 1: Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Managing the Service Lifecycle
    • Lesson 2: Examining Cisco Prime Performance Manager

    Module 2: Getting Started

    • Lesson 1: Predeployment
    • Lesson 2: Installing Cisco Prime Performance Manager
    • Lesson 3: Initial Setup
    • Lesson 4: Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tools

    Module 3: Usage

    • Lesson 1: Assessing Performance
    • Lesson 2: Fault Management
    • Lab 1: Installing Cisco Prime Performance Manager
    • Lab 2: Initial Configuration
    • Lab 3: Assessing Performance
    • Lab 4: Analyzing Faults


  • Before taking Cisco Prime Performance Manager, you need to complete one of the following:

    • Cisco Prime Network Intermediate-Administration and Operations (CPNI-AO)
    • Cisco Prime Central Intermediate-Administration and Operation (CPCI-AO)

    Cisco recommends that you have the following prerequisite knowledge and skills:

    • Basic network management concepts (SNMP, MIBs, etc.)
    • Basic networking (TCP/IP, etc.
  • This course is designed for technical professionals who need to know how to deploy and use Cisco Prime Performance Manager to manage network performance. The primary audience for this course includes:

    • Network and system administrators
    • Network operators
    • Professional services system engineers
    • Technical support personnel
    • Channel partners, resellers