Python Programming – Advanced

Course Overview

Learn how to write, read and troubleshoot Python scripting.

In all courses in this series each bulleted subject is accompanied by a live-coding demonstration, and followed by one or more hands-on exercises; Additionally, after each major section there will be one or more larger code challenges that combine the skills learned in the previous exercises.

5 days
  • Advanced Python Programming

    ·       File I/O & Parsing

    ·       Exception Handling

    ·       Creating Modules

    ·       Iterators & Generators

    ·       Templates

    ·       Parsing Arguments

    ·       Regular Expressions

    ·       Multithreading

    ·       Networking

    ·       CGI Programming

    ·       Database Interaction

    ·       C Extensions

    ·       Cryptography

    ·       Serialization

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