Python Programming – Introduction

Course Overview

Learn how to write, read and troubleshoot Python scripting.  This 3 day course is recommended for an introduction to Python topics.

In this course each bulleted subject is accompanied by a live-coding demonstration, and followed by one or more hands-on exercises; Additionally, after each major section there will be one or more larger code challenges that combine the skills learned in the previous exercises.

3 days
  • Introduction to Programming with Python

    ·       Introduction to Programming

    ·       Hardware & Software

    ·       Python Application Domains

    ·       Variables and Data Types

    ·       Expressions & Operators

    ·       Conditional Branching

    ·       Loops & Ranges

    ·       Code Organization

    ·       Functions

    ·       User Input & Output

    ·       OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

    ·       Classes, Properties & Methods

    ·       Inheritance

    ·       Files, Folders and Modules

    ·       Elements of Programming Style

    ·       Personal Project

    ·       Planning

    ·       Deploying

    ·       Presenting