Course Overview

Secrets to Successful Cloud Transformation teaches you how to select the right strategy, people, migration plan, and financial management methodology needed when moving your workloads to the cloud. This course provides guidance on how to build a holistic cloud adoption plan and how to hire people who will execute that plan. You will learn best practices for choosing workloads to migrate from your on-premises environment to AWS. In addition, you will also learn best practices for managing your AWS expenses and dealing with internal chargebacks.

1 days
  • This course teaches you how to:

    • Build your cloud strategy.
    • Develop the hiring plan for your cloud team.
    • Choose and prioritize which applications to move to AWS.
    • Build a migration plan for moving workloads to AWS.
    • Manage your AWS expenditures and internal chargebacks.
  • This course covers the following concepts:

    • Building Your Cloud Strategy
    • Hiring Your Cloud Team
    • Migration Planning
    • Cloud Expenditure Management
  • This is an introductory level course; no experience is required.

  • This course is intended for:

    • IT/Senior managers
    • Solutions architects/Enterprise architects
    • Operations professionals