Technical Communicator

Course Overview

This program is aimed at developing the communication skills to be able to communicate with the different personality types. For example; for a Technical person to be able to communicate with a non-technical audience and vice versa. The Effective Communication Program is aimed to help overcome a current or ongoing business challenge by understanding how to communicate more effectively.  “IT” isn’t just your networking group these days. More of your business units are involved in future infrastructure and network planning. This requires open lines of communication between your people.  This course will help coach the individual to become a more effective communicator with any type of personality and understand how to better present to a broader audience.   In this program, you will learn, apply and practice the essential skills needed to be perceived by others as effective communicators.

Call for Price
1/2 (4 hour) day for 2 VILT days or 1 (8 hour) ILT day