Webex End User & Manager Training

Course Overview

This half-day course is designed for end users, managers, directors and executive level personnel to give them a better understanding of how to use Webex tools.


Call for Pricing
1/2 day
  • Topics included are:
    · Productivity Tools Set-Up (if applicable)
    · WebEx Meeting Center Overview
    · Customizing your WebEx
    · How to Schedule a Meeting via your Web Browser
    · Personal Conference Rooms
    · Productivity Tools
    · How to Start a Scheduled Meeting and/or Meeting on Demand via your Productivity Tools
    · Scheduled Meetings vs. Personal Rooms
    · Locking Personal Rooms
    · Roles (Host/Presenter/Participant)
    · Sharing Menu
    – Share Files and Videos
    – How to share your desktop
    – How to share an Application
    – Application Sharing Menu
    – Share Whiteboard
    · Record a meeting
    · File Transfer
    · Attendee Privileges
    – Change View
    – Chat
    – Raise Hands
    – Request Control
    – Screen Sharing
    · Ending WebEx Meeting
    · Add on if needed- Overview of Cisco Teams (Spark)

  • There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • Anyone that is interested in using Webex as an online communication tool.