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Lumious gathers data in several ways. Lumous gathers data from courses built with traditional learning development tools. Lumious gathers data from legacy and public content that we wrap inside a reporting page or application. Lumious gathers data directly from exisitng data bases which have stored the data for other purposes. Lumious reaches out to a virtually unlimited range of learning options like web pages, e-books, games, videos and audio lectures. Whether reading, writing, watching, listening or playing a game, if its connected to the grid, Lumious can gather, store and interpret the learners actions.

LumiJS is Lumious’s extended xAPI library. It provides greater flexibility, greater control, greater data protection than standard xAPI while being fully compatible with xAPI and the xAPI ecosystem. LumiJS records more actions because it extends the standard verb server. Reported actions are more granular, more valuable. LumiJS is more flexible because it doesn’t hard code the targeted Learning Record Store, and more secure because it can transmit user aliases.

Standard LMS plug-in data works with Lumious as does as does the xAPI from popular educational design software. It all works, your choice depends on the your granularity needs. Lumious Professional Services has extensive experience in capturing data legacy sources as well.


Out of the box, Lumious Mining Server connects to a virtually unlimited number of xAPI compliant Learning Record Stores. Once you add a new  LRS instnace, Lumious automatically works through all the source data finding learners, teachers, programs, classes, quizes, videos and more. Immediately, every learner, teacher and section is ranked for every activity over time. The rankings adjust with every Learning Record Store added.

Lumious then mines the newest records of every configured LRS on a periodic basis, updating rankings and scoring.

Lumious Professional Services can adapt legacy data for mining as well. Any data format can be loaded and automated.


  • Over 40 stock data points with more added regularly.
  • Example dashlets for presentation layer implementation.
  • Documentation on how to get real time data.
  • Server Configuration API included
  • Alert API Included.
  • Lumious Professional Services can help you integrate and extend.


Lumious has tools to help you capture learning data from non-structured materials such as YouTube videos. Our video wizard lets you wrap an entire channel in just minutes.

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Extensive API

Embed hard results data in your reports.


Understand learning adoption, usage patterns and the effectiveness of changes to programs and content over time.

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