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“We have used Lumious for our Cisco training needs for many years. They make the process of setting up and scheduling classes easy and seamless, helping us the whole way. The level of support is the same if we are scheduling one student into a public class or if we are booking a full private class. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with.
All of their trainers are top notch and really know their stuff.

Our team members regularly give high praise for the classes and trainers after attending. I can’t recommend Lumious enough for your Cisco training needs, you won’t regret it.”

Michelle C.
Senior analyst, engineering systems

You may utilize Cisco Learning Credits to leverage your training requirements with Lumious. To begin the process, please contact your representative directly, or if you don’t have one, please email us at

Yes. Lumious delivers private courses to organizations globally. We can customize any course to ensure it covers the topics that your company is specifically interested in.

Different courses provide different formats for the courseware. At the time of our discussion, we will go over which format is right for your needs.

You should hear from our team within 3 business days.

No. The classes offered do not certify any attendee. Attending a course will assist you in preparing for a certification exam. Individuals must pass associated exams in order to be certified in any field of study.

Lumious has an extensive catalog of technical trainings, and is partnered with other learning organizations, allowing us to offer all classes, even if it may not be listed on our website at the moment. If there is a particular course you are interested in and you do not see it listed on our site, contact us at or by phone at 703.467.8600.

For more information on our class cancellation policy please review our policies and disclaimers.

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