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Cisco Training and Certifications help you launch and advance your IT career

As a Cisco Training and Learning Partner, we offer a comprehensive Cisco curriculum that addresses a broad range of technical proficiencies categorized by Cisco into certification paths: Entry, Associate, Specialist, Professional, and Expert, along with supplemental exams that provide you with specialist certifications and credit towards recertification.

We currently specialize in virtual learning environments.  When done correctly, as we have done for many years, the learning is just as effective as in classroom instruction.

Our Cisco Courses

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MEF is a global industry association of network, cloud, and technology providers. Together, they drive network transformation to power the digital economy. They provide a framework for digital service providers to develop, monetize, and scale services across an automated, inter-connected ecosystem.

MEF Professional Certification and Framework

MEF Professional certification is recognized worldwide as a vital component of an organization’s competitive profile and showcases a company’s commitment to providing the most qualified professionals in the telecommunications industry.

MEF Professional Certification Framework outlines a new and comprehensive set of skills to lead and support network transformation. This set of certifications reflects a broader view of vendor-neutral skills that are required to manage complex network and telecom solutions.