Learning Development – Case Study

When you’re looking for solutions to solve your Learning Development needs, you’re looking for impact. You want to bring about desired change and have a positive ROI.  That’s where we can help.  We have many customizable solutions tailored to your specific need(s).

In recent work with a client, Lumious quickly and innovatively solved a unique business challenge with impactful results. Below is a case study that outlines a specific project that was completed for a large, telecommunications company.

Business Challenge:  Encourage employees to take measures to ensure that the company’s sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands.  The goal was to make sure the employee understood the importance of security awareness and that they had the tools and knew the processes to follow in order to protect that information the way their customers deserved.

Solution: Develop several different forms of media to garner the attention of employees.

  • Leverage AfterEffects animation and Storyline interaction to develop a:
    • Five minute video for Field Engineers, targeting their use cases
    • Five minute video for Product & Technology, targeting their use cases

Here’s a sample clip of the video that was created:

  • Create 6 different posters (sample of one below) to be posted in break rooms across the United States















Impact:  The client appreciated that the videos created didn’t feel like corporate training.  They felt the graphics and animation that were used kept the attention of their employees.  The employees appreciated the fun and simplicity of the posters in a sea of busy, boring break room fare.