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Don’t you wish sometimes that there was a retry button on a conversation? Giving learners an opportunity to practice, observe the impact on their words, and to fail in a safe environment is key to successful execution in the real world. This style of eLearning is a great opportunity to practice and reinforce behaviors applied in class.

Scenarios as a part of core learning or reinforcement are key to effective application. We typically like to start our behavioral change programs with a core concepts eLearning, application-based instructor led training(s), followed by application-based scenarios like this one as reinforcement paired with leader support and social learning opportunities.

You know that awkward 5 minutes before a virtual class? This sample shows a teaser we developed to get people excited for a coaching program. This included lively music and a countdown timer.

Telling the story of a product from a customer-centric perspective can be key to getting sales or support individuals talking beyond features and functions. The 3D elements in this course add visual interest and tie to the story.

In this sample we offer the learner opportunities to weigh in on facts, through this we’re generating curiosity and creating connections to what the learner already knows which lights up the brain and makes learning ‘stickier’.

This wildfire awareness video was rolled out to an entire company, so polish was key. We were able to add many details and stories through high end animation and motion graphics. Not starred here are the first-person video accounts that were included to connect the personal impacts of wildfires.

When it comes to soft skills and manager support, often hearing recommendations ‘in action’ can be incredibly helpful to our learners. This is when we rely on live actors to play out a real-life scenario to give our learners an opportunity to listen in.

Yum! This sample was originally embedded in an overall course that supported a new menu roll out. While hands on experience and on the job support are critical, this sample allowed the learners to practice. This application is powerful in many process or decision making learnings.

This sample shows both process and ways to mimic command line interfaces. In the larger course, we give the learner repeated opportunities to practice troubleshooting steps. This embeds the process while allowing them to learn by doing.