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Custom L&D Services

You have the learners.
We have the time, resources & expertise

Our team has been studying what makes learning stick and how to use learning to solve issues for 30+ years.

You give us the timeline and the topic. We’ll do the rest.

Sure, you could do all your L&D in-house.

But if that means exhausting your team, straining your budget, and staying up late scratching your head over HOW to best help your people learn … ​

It’s probably time to phone a friend.

→ (That’s us!) ←

We’ve spent more than 30 years perfecting creative, comprehensive learning solutions, tailoring multimodal learning to all kinds of business challenges and needs.

Let us put our best & brightest people on your team.

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less ramp-up time in companies deploying custom onboarding programs developed by Lumious

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CSAT increase seen by a customer service team within 6 months of implementing a custom professional development program
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chance you’ll laugh at least once during each of our meetings

Our Services

Here's how we'll get results for you.

Custom Comprehensive Learning Solutions

Our custom solutions are perfect for your teams’ learning needs involving:

  • Sales
  • Leadership development
  • Onboarding
  • Safety
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Financial
  • Personal development
  • Product-specific
  • You name it, we’ll make it (we’ve done it all, from bucket trucks to boardrooms)

Each solution includes the following:

Dedicated Project Management

We’re the ones who will pull on our boots and head out into the weeds. Your job will be to give guidance and feedback at defined points in the process. Your dedicated Lumious project manager will help save your time and energy and will allow our team to work most efficiently for you.

Current State Assessment & Goal Definition

We’ll first review the current state of your project or challenge. Is there already a learning solution in place? What do people love? What do they hate? Do we need to start from scratch, or are there elements we can reuse?


Next, we’ll interview key stakeholders in your organization: new employees, tenured employees, culture leaders, L&D leaders, and any others who will be impacted by your project.


Then, we’ll collaborate with you to set key goals for your project. What should your learners feel/know/do after participating? How will you measure success? What’s the business impact?


Finally, we’ll synthesize our research into a plan, with checkpoints set up along the way to make sure your deliverables stay aligned with your goals and timelines. With a keen eye for effective and easy lifecycle maintenance, we’ll build a program that will last.

Learning Design & Development

This is where the difference between DIY and done-for-you really shines. Our experts will create a product based on what will resonate with your learners and how we can help them impact your organization and their own careers.

Our eLearning and instructor-led training modalities include:
  • Application-based learning
  • Scenario development
  • Virtual and/or live instructor-led training
  • Podcasts
  • TikTok-style videos
  • Animations
  • 360-degree product views
  • Text-based learning
  • 1:1 or group mentoring and coaching
  • Blended/flipped classroom programs
  • Learning reinforcement  campaigns

… and more (because we don’t believe in putting your project in a box).

How it Works

Debrief with our team

First things first. What challenges are you facing? We’ll talk through ways that learning can address those challenges, and then we’ll identify the best solution for your particular business model, team size, material, and budget. You’ll also get a dedicated project manager to keep your time investment to a minimum and keep your project moving on your desired timeline.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee

Once we’ve outlined your project, our instructional designers, subject matter experts, graphic designers, video producers, actors, and others will kick into high gear. We’ll inject an extra shot of creativity to make sure your content is especially memorable. Your biggest responsibility at this point? Be the expert on purpose-built review cycles designed to maximize your input and reduce churn and review fatigue.

Implement your project

The handoff will look different depending on your deliverables (an instructor coming to your headquarters for a week-long intensive? A series of videos you’ll use every time you onboard a new employee?), but no matter what, this is the fun part: press “go,” and watch your team thrive. Use the business goals and recommended metrics to prove your ROI and wow your team.

Is this what I need?

If we could eavesdrop on your brain
—these are the sorts of things we’d expect to hear:
If any of this sounds familiar …
let’s make your learning Lumious.

“Humor is the Trojan horse of training—
it gets us in the learner’s mind and grabs their attention so our content can
sneak in while they aren’t looking.”

Jeremy Brown | Lumious instructional designer

Need something simple?
Feeling like things have gotten complicated?

We've got you.

Here's how to get started.

Hit the ground running

Start brainstorming with one of our people about how Lumious could meet your needs. Your first contact with us will be with an industry expert—we don’t waste time on fluffy sales calls.

Browse our ready-made options

Think you might need a certification course we’ve already created? We can customize those to fit your needs, too.

Get a FREE 10-Point eLearning Review

Our experts will analyze one 20 minute eLearning you currently use and provide a custom report, scoring it on 10 crucial points and giving recommendations for high-impact improvements. An L&D expert will then present our findings to you and answer your questions in a non-salesy consultation meeting.

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Professional Development

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