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Sales Enablement

How does 50% higher net sales per employee sound?*

Building and maintaining an effective sales team takes work. To maximize the performance of your team, you are constantly juggling the skills and capabilities that will best utilize what little development time you have.

And oh the skills…

24 must-have skills for your sales team (in no particular order):

  1. Communication
  2. Active Listening
  3. Product Knowledge
  4. Buyer Acumen
  5. Grit/Perseverance
  6. Coachability/Growth Mindset
  7. Business Acumen
  8. Financial Acumen
  9. Negotiations
  10. Sales process
  11. CRM/Tools
  12. Competitive Analysis
  13. Pithy Comebacks (just kidding, you still with us?)
  14. Persuasion
  15. Time Management
  16. Influencing
  17. TCO/ROI
  18. Industry Knowledge
  19. Strategic Thinking
  20. Emotional Intelligence
  21. Relationship Building
  22. Presentation Skills
  23. Goal Setting
  24. Sales Metrics/Data Analysis

But let’s not forget the sales leaders – they need to be good at sales AND be able to effectively lead their teams and coach to those behaviors.

And they all have SO MUCH TIME…
Could you sense the sarcasm?

We understand the pain points that come with sales enablement, and what goes into making your sales team the most effective it can be. No matter what part of your team or process needs improvement, we have a tried-and-true formula to bring you results.

The Proven Lumious Formula

With decades of combined experience, our team relies on research-backed learning models that provide results. Every time.

We want you to understand just how serious we are about your sales success. Think of each element below as a piece of the puzzle, we work with you to determine your ultimate vision and we’ll craft the right pieces that fit.


The Right Technology

We don’t need to tell you, technology makes the world go ‘round! Leveraging your sales enablement technology stack is critical to effective implementation of our learning programs and integration to the flow of work. Whether this means integrating with an already implemented solution or bringing out partner Allego to the table, we’ve got you covered!


Flipped Classroom Core Learning

eLearning for basic knowledge

We custom design video or eLearning assets to introduce the core concepts to get your team ’the basics’. This could be through customer interviews, leader interviews, animation, engaging exercises, etc. Getting core concepts down first saves us time during in person modalities for rich discussion and application and gives you an online modality to future proof learning.

Instructor-led or virtual instructor-led sessions to apply

During instructor led sessions we facilitate a conversation with your learners. This helps them create links and build on their own knowledge while deciding to implement personal changes through self-discovery. Real-world scenario application gives them the chance to practice and fail (failure is important to learning!) in a safe environment.


Empower Leaders

Coaching and support for leaders

Your leaders are busy, but we know that they have the greatest impact on behaviors actually being applied on the job. So, we arm them with the tools to make effectively reinforcing and coaching to these behaviors easy. Whether it’s quick exercises they can implement in team meetings, recorded calls they can analyze with their team, coaching guides to suggest how to handle objections or coach to a behavior, or a simple training brief with a recommended schedule of follow up.


Science-driven Reinforcement

As we develop programs for sales teams (let’s be honest, for anyone), we are continually looking for reinforcement opportunities. We implement a customized campaign of spaced content repetition, and additional practice to embed it in your team’s minds and habits. Continually facing them with scenarios we know they will encounter and reinforcing the correct responses.

Sometimes marketing will just say anything to get you to buy won’t they? Well the proof is in our pudding – we’re proud of the measurable changes we’ve created – check out our case studies!

We can’t wait to partner with you to take your team’s effectiveness to the next level!

New Hire Onboarding

So you’ve hired a new salesperson.

How do you create a trusted advisor from scratch? Your new hire has a burning drive to sell and an open calendar begging to be filled, but they need to learn about your product, your tools, your methodologies, and your people first.

Carefully crafting an onboarding program to maximize their time (and yours) is essential to success.

Besides, it’s science! Studies show effective onboarding increases retention by 82% and productivity over 70%!

Let us create an engaging and thorough onboarding experience for you using our tried-and-true formula. Your stats will thank you!

Sales Upskilling

Your sales team is already rocking it… mostly.

But you know they could do even better. That’s where we come in.

We are experts at crafting multi-modality learning experiences with a focus on reinforcing positive behavioral changes to move your team from tactical to strategic advisors..

Upskill your people from approaching each sales interaction as transactional, and upgrade to the world of relationship-based selling.

New Product Development

You have a new product rolling out, and you need to curate an expert sales team.

Not something you want to put off until the last moment!

When we create custom learnings for new product rollouts, we take a very customer-centric approach. We give your sales team the tools to not only understand what the new product does, but more importantly why the customer will care.

Side note: one of the reasons our customers love is is that we’re not just focused on sales training. We can work directly with the product team to design a roll out plan from sales through operations and customer support.

Hint: customers don’t care about functions and features, they care about their problems and how you’re going to solve them.

Let’s get your sales people speaking that language!

Manager Enablement

Did you know sales managers are your (not so) secret weapon?

Whether you’ve executed new hire onboarding or are working on continuous upskilling, having well-equipped managers on your team is a huge contributor to the success of your salespeople.

We’re talking: “Training and coaching leads to an increase of 88% in productivity, versus 23% from training alone.” (Training Industry)

This is why Lumious learning experiences always include a manager component, to help them help their team be excellent.

Contact Lumious to discuss a full solution for your sales department!
* Continuous training gives 50% higher net sales per employee (Brevet, 2022)