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10 Email Privacy Rules – #1

1. Use your best unique password for email. 21st century life is full of passwords. Way too many passwords and it seems every system has unique rules. Every system wants you to use a unique quality password. Who can remember more than a couple? Unique passwords for everything requires [...]

10 Email Privacy Rules – #2

  2. Never access email using an unknown network. By default, email protocols send unencrypted text over the internet. The text can be read and reread as is crosses from router to router. Login credentials are unencrypted and can be read. The network that shows as “Members Only – [...]

10 Email Privacy Rules – #3

  3. Always access email over secure protocols. There once was a time that consumer wireless routers were configured with unsecured as the default. There were phone apps that pointed out these unsecured networks as you drove down the street. Once inside, another app will list all of the [...]

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