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Case Study

Breaking Silos and Building Consistent Leadership


Unique Project Aspects

The Challenge

Most departments were operating independently in developing their processes and systems. With production of a new aircraft product ready to begin and a rapid increase in onboarding, coordination between departments became critical. Our challenge was to work with all mid-level managers, addressing both topical and cultural concerns, to establish a solid communication system, break down silos, transition to plant-level goals vs. departmental level goals, and increase the overall quality and consistency of leadership.

The Solution

Feedback from interviews and pilot programs were used to develop a four-part training series that addressed critical leadership skills including communication and listening, effective delegation, managing difficult conversations, and feedback and coaching. During the engagement, Lumious leveraged surveys to monitor progress, focus groups to evaluate alignment, peer coaching to drive application, and a customized 360 leadership assessment to dive consistency.

The Results

Marked improvement in communication and collaboration throughout the organization was observed. A level II evaluation showed 63% improvement in the leader’s confidence and ability to effectively apply their new skillset.

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