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Case Study

Business Impact Series


Unique Project Aspects

The Challenge

Our client had a sales force that was very transactional. They were not creating deep customer relationships and were selling products instead of strategic solutions.

The sales team needed to understand customer motivation and issues, negotiate more effectively, and facilitate data-driven decision making. Sales of key strategic products were down due to a lack of knowledge around engaging with senior leaders.

The Solution

Lumious developed a core blended program including one introduction and one mastery short VILT. These were intended to feel like “just a short meeting” versus a large imposition on time. Between the two VILTs, we created application-based eLearnings to cover core topics like Business and Financial Acumen, Negotiations, TCO/ROI, Customer Research and Motivations.

After completion of the core program, learners went through a manager-led micro-credential.

We empowered managers to drive change beyond just the core learning program by involving them in co-facilitation and providing 12 months of reinforcement.

The Results

The customer had requests come in from other business units to adapt the program to focus on their solution selling-based products. They experienced increased cloud sales and had 100% manager engagement in the eLearning.

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