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Case Study

Cloud Foundations


Unique Project Aspects

The Challenge

To be more competitive, our Service Provider clients asked Lumious to assist them in developing and implementing a program to up-skill their Account Executive (AEs) and Sales Engineers (SEs) to be more “Cloud Savvy”.

To become trusted cloud advisors, the AEs and SEs needed to fully understand customer concerns about network design and implementation. They required a learner experience that would address not only how to craft cloud solutions, but also how to communicate more effectively about those solutions.

The Solution

Lumious learning professionals customized two learning paths for both AEs and SEs.

  • The SE path included VILT and eLearning sessions covering both technical certification and effective communication.
  • The AE path consisted of only VILT sessions focused Cloud Foundations and effective communication.

Upon completion, Lumious provided learning reinforcement through manager coaching enablement and mentoring, a hub site with tool kits, and before-and-after assessments.

The Results

The customized Cloud Foundations curriculum has been adopted by multiple Service Provider customers to date. With their Sales teams more “Cloud Savvy”, they each have already realized up to a 30% increase in Cloud revenue.

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