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Case Study

Manager Reinforcement Materials


Unique Project Aspects

The Challenge

Quick-service, restaurant district managers had inconsistent results due to inexperience and limited shared best practices. They were always ‘fire fighting’ and never addressed the root causes of issues. To complicate matters, the franchisor could not mandate attendance to training–it needed to be impactful enough to make franchisees want to attend.

The Solution

Lumious created a one-day instructor-led course to support the desired concepts and behaviors, as well as a series of synchronous and asynchronous reinforcement materials via an LMS drip campaign with five touchpoints, three days to eight weeks post-attendance.

These touchpoints included curated audio clips from SME interviews, mini-scenario eLearnings, and Coaching Circle coaching guides.

The simulation-based approach focused on coaching to winning mindsets and time management.

The Results

Following the implementation of the reinforcement drip campaign, the behaviors modeled became habit for the district managers and those new habits became the standard at their restaurants. Positive word-of-mouth from district managers who attended led to a higher engagement than expected.

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