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Case Study

Return to Work Leader Enablement


Unique Project Aspects

The Challenge

Our client was rolling out a new flexible work plan for their global workforce of over 50,000 people. They needed to account for disparate manager styles and preferences around remote work as well as optimize communication strategies for blended remote and in-office teams. Carefully handling this strategy to encourage employee retention and satisfaction was top of mind.

The Solution

Lumious developed a series of leadership assets to support upskilling leaders in preparation for return-to-work conversations, these included: difficult conversations, diversity and inclusion, managing in a remote environment, empathy, and change management.

To promote manager empathy around different work arrangements, we developed several live actor portrayals highlighting the needs of employees who desire in-office, fully remote, and hybrid work environments. We showcased several team conversations to highlight best practices.

The Results
  • Successfully rolled out to 50,000 leaders
  • Net promoter score was maintained throughout hybrid roll out
  • Model leveraged for other change initiatives
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