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Case Study

Sales Enablement for New Business Initiative


Unique Project Aspects

The Challenge

A large service provider had a new initiative they were rolling out to their business markets which required the development of a structured onboarding program. This program needed to accommodate the learning needs of sales-driven and high-energy individuals who are in the director, manager, and account manager positions.

New hires came into the organization sporadically, so the program needed to support individual learning paths as well as diverse geographic locations and mobile/remote delivery. Since there were several types of sales related roles with different responsibilities, the onboarding program needed to include multiple training paths to accommodate onboarded groups of small numbers while leveraging as much cross-over material as possible.

The Solution

Lumious created a multi-modality program including short eLearning courses with complex animation, interactive scenarios, tool training, and explainer videos. Scenario based VILTs created an opportunity for participants to engage with others and reinforce key topics. Lumious added additional reinforcement opportunities with self-study quick reference guides and fun scavenger hunts. Mentor toolboxes containing discussion points and activities allowed for the directors and managers to assist in the operation support of the program.

The Results

A comprehensive and cohesive training program was instituted for the organization’s sales team, which provided various modalities of learning for their new hires. The micro-credentialing exercises were able to give instant feedback as to the new hire’s absorption of the material. Despite the geographic distance between team members, everyone received complete and consistent training to be ready for success. They liked the program enough to adapt it for AEs internally.

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