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Case Study

Sales Manager Onboarding


Unique Project Aspects

The Challenge

Our client experienced rapid growth with individual markets creating their own informal leadership plan. They needed help identifying the skills and capabilities that would enable their managers to lead sales teams, increase sales, and collaborate effectively with the business.

With distributed markets, they also found managers did not have the relationships needed with cross-market teams to effectively work together.

The Solution

Lumious interviewed successful sales leaders, brand-new managers, and business stakeholders to identify the competencies that define a great manager.  Interviews included leaders within the business to leverage in the program development.

Lumious then developed a program roadmap with a phased development and rollout approach to account for limited availability of SMEs and limited capacity for our learners.  The program was heavily focused on incorporating real-life applications to maximize ROI for the learners.

Between VILT sessions, Lumious created eLearning for concepts, application opportunities to learn/apply, and partner activities to foster social opportunities.

The Results

The customer received overwhelming positive feedback about the impact of the program. In addition, existing managers requested to join the program for upskilling opportunities.

“…I hate training more than any person on the planet. This hands down, so far, has been the most productive training I’ve had at [company]. And maybe the most productive training I’ve had as a manager”
– Attendee

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