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Case Study

Turning Scientists and Engineers Into Leaders


Unique Project Aspects

The Challenge

The business services team for a Global Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company is being elevated from a support role into a leadership role within the organization. This team has excellent technical skills and knowledge but needed to develop critical leadership skills such as communication, feedback and coaching others, handling conflict, presentation skills and strategic thinking.

The Solution

With input from Leadership, Lumious designed and developed a series of sessions focused on building core leadership skills. Our training solution was an iterative process where each session built upon the last and participants continually tested, practiced, and refined new skills. Each session was presented in a retreat format which helped the group disengage from work, focus on “uncomfortable” topics (i.e. things they’re not good at), and maintain an open and objective perspective.

The Results

As a result, the team has reduced internal turnover, greatly improved their ability to work cooperatively with other business units and their focus has shifted from a ticket-based help desk model to a consultative model focused on business drivers.

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