eLearning Development

Lumious has over 25 years of experience in the learning space. During that time, we have honed our processes and technology to maximize quality and minimize hassle and cost. The design, creation, and implementation of highly effective training programs, especially ones that are reliant on technology, require an experienced interdisciplinary team. Our eLearning development team consists of creative talent, instructional designers, and technical experts who specialize in eLearning development and know what it takes to produce engaging and effective eLearning.

The expert resources at Lumious have the skills to analyze your business needs and create the best learning solution to meet those needs.  This includes authoring custom content, converting existing in-house content, and developing just-in-time learning tools like job aids and microlearning videos.

Custom Development

We work with your subject matter experts to capture their knowledge and design a new digital curriculum from the ground up. Projects may include needs analysis, knowledge capture, instructional design and storyboarding, multimedia content production, job aid development, and technical consulting.


You may have existing courses that need to be converted to an online format. We provide the following services to ensure your new eLearning courses are up to the challenge:

  • Perform a design review to ensure content is complete and ready for conversion to a digital form
  • Identify new content and media to improve the instructional quality for eLearning
  • Convert all existing content and develop new assets for online formats
  • Ensure compliance to appropriate standards (i.e. SCORM)

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