Home Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lumious accept Cisco Learning Credits?

Yes. As a Cisco Learning Partner, Lumious accepts Cisco Learning Credits for all Cisco authorized courses and curriculum.

Will Lumious deliver a course at my company’s location?

Yes. Lumious delivers private courses to organizations globally. We can customize any course to ensure it covers the topics that your company is specifically interested in.

When will I know if my class is confirmed to run?

Lumious confirms the publicly scheduled courses two weeks prior to the start date. Please contact our Registration Department at 703.467.8600 or via email at sales@lumious.com with any questions about a specific class.

I am having trouble registering for a class. Who should I contact?

If you have problems while registering or wish to check on the status of your registration, please contact our Training Staff at sales@lumious.com or by phone at 703.467.8600.

When will I receive my login information for my virtual training class?

Generally, class logins are received three business days prior to the class start date.

In what format will I receive my courseware?

Different courses provide different formats for the courseware. At the time of registration, you will be notified of the format of your courseware.

If I attend a class, does that mean I am certified?

No. The classes offered do not certify any attendee. Attending a course will assist you in preparing for a certification exam. Individuals must pass associated exams in order to be certified in any field of study.

I do not see the class I am interested in on your website. Does that mean Lumious is not offering it?

No. Lumious is partnered with other learning organizations, and this allows us to offer all classes, even if it may not be listed on our website at the moment. If there is a particular course you are interested in and you do not see it listed on our site, contact us at sales@lumious.com or by phone at 703.467.8600.

The class I want to take does not have any dates listed. Does that mean Lumious does not offer the class anymore?

First, make sure you click on the “Register Now” link to view dates. If you have done this and there are no dates listed there, that does not mean we do not offer the course. It simply means that the schedule has not yet been updated or the immediate interest is less than normal. If there is a particular course you are interested in, contact us at sales@lumious.com or by phone at 703.467.8600.

What is Lumious’s cancellation policy?

For more information on our class cancellation policy please review our policies and disclaimers.

Can I use Federal Financial Aid for classes at Lumious?

No. Lumious is a non-degree granting institution and does not offer any financial aid or tuition assistance.

I have run into issues using your website. Who should I contact or report them to?

Please direct all comments, compliments, and questions to our Webmaster at webmaster@lumious.com.