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Lumious collaborates with our clients to create impactful and enjoyable learning experiences.

When you partner with us, you’ll get dedicated support and expert resources to identify and build the right solution for your success.

Clearly defined metrics are a core tenant of our Learning and Development programs. These metrics play a crucial role in the direction of each learning solution and proving its value and overall business impact.

We leverage a range of innovative tactics to design and deliver a memorable learning experience.  Here’s how we do it…

Create an Experience

Bring Content to Life

Nothing engages learners more than providing relevance to their role and circumstances. We bring content to life using real-world scenarios to create a learning environment that aligns closely with learners’ reality.

Learn by Doing

We don’t just tell learners what they need to know and expect them to retain it. Using an application-based approach, we put the material into practice by having them apply it using real-world, hands-on activities and engaging exercises.


Build on Knowledge Base

Adult learners are more likely to internalize learning when building upon existing knowledge. By leveraging this strategy, we create learning experiences that encourage critical thinking and new ideas.

Create Opportunities to Fail

Failure is life’s greatest teacher. That is why we provide a safe learning environment where learners are free to make mistakes and encouraged to think through their failures to pull maximum learning from the experience.

Make it Memorable


Stories are memorable. In fact, research suggests we are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it’s presented in the context of a story.* Our Learning and Development program features storytelling as an impactful way to reinforce critical learning concepts and boost retention. Hearing stories of how others faced, addressed, and resolved a related challenge makes the learner more likely to remember the material moving forward.

Social Learning

People, by nature, are social beings. Social interactions play a crucial role in a learner’s ability to internalize the material. By encouraging interaction and discussion alongside ongoing learning programs, we apply the concept of social learning to create an environment that fosters greater engagement and knowledge retention.

Make it Fun

Learning doesn’t have to be hard or awkward. In fact, some of the best learning strategies include a fun component. We know that children learn best through play—and we adults aren’t much different. Through fun learning activities—and a little levity—we make learning enjoyable, so learners are not only more engaged, but find the experience pleasurable and memorable. 

Encourage Integration

Involve Leadership

Learners fare best when the material they learn is reinforced by those with whom they respect and report to. With that notion in mind, we make it a priority to arm leaders and other team members with tools that help them reinforce key learnings across the board.

Encourage a Learning Culture

An organization that embraces a culture of learning is more likely to yield a team who will internalize and apply the material they learn to the real world. That is why we take a holistic approach to learning that supports whole-team involvement.

Reset the Forgetting Curve

At Lumious, our goal is to reset the forgetting curve by introducing other learning opportunities outside of one training event. This might include dividing up the content into shorter, more manageable pieces, creating a learning series that spans several weeks, and/or leveraging other outside elements to reinforce the content. The more reminders learners receive on the material, the more embedded in their DNA it becomes. 

According to a concept known as the forgetting curve, learners rapidly lose their memory of learned material if there is no attempt to retain it. In fact, unless it is reinforced, it is estimated that learners forget
50% of the material after an hour and
70% after 24 hours.