Learning Development
Creative Methods to Build
Your Learning Culture
Learning Development
Creative Methods to Build
Your Learning Culture
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At Lumious, we offer customized programs that
engage and empower learners.

We know that for learning to be compelling, it needs to be engaging and persuasive. With the learners’ unique needs and learning styles in mind, we deliver impactful experiences that resonate with audiences and support business goals. As Learning and Development experts, we know what works and what doesn’t. 

When you partner with us, you get access to a range of techniques and tools designed specifically to help adult learners absorb content. We don’t simply help you disseminate information; we create engaging and memorable learning experiences that support a learning culture.

Engage Through Interactive eLearning


Engaging learners in real-life examples and situational simulations challenges learners without overwhelming their mental capacity.

360° view

360° Virtual Reality allows participants to engage with concepts in an immersive and unexpected way for an unforgettable learning experience.

Interactions-based learning

This click-based learning setting encourages the adult learner to think critically as they make decisions through interaction.

Rise learning

The all-in-one online training system makes it easy to stack and customize content for a more meaningful learning experience.

Captivate and Entertain Through Digital Media


Use animated characters, high-end animation design, or simpler animation elements to guide learners through a topic. This eLearning tool adds humor and entertainment.


No need to set up a studio, an artist, or advanced editing software. Whether you’re looking for animated or live whiteboard functionality, we’ve got you covered with our professional whiteboard video offering.

Live Video

eLearning videos can enhance the overall learning experience by giving deeper explanations to complex ideas and concepts that verbal explanations alone can’t accomplish.


Podcasts are an ideal way to effectively disseminate impactful information using storytelling.

In-field video support

This YouTube style of filming is a more informal, yet effective tool for learning. We can assist your team, or even handle the whole thing for you start to finish. 

Reach Learners Through
Instructor-led Training

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT)
Leveraging creative learning techniques that simulate a traditional learning experience,
our VILT program allows participants to connect with the content and interact with instructors and peers.

In-person instructor-led training (ILT)
Sometimes nothing can replace in-person learning. Our skilled designers collaborate with
experts to create learning environments where students participate in rich, interactive learning experiences.

Flipped classroom
A learner-based model where traditional classroom activities and homework are
reversed, the flipped classroom helps learners retain more information.

Interactive participant guides
We create opportunities for engagement though interactive
participant guides and workbooks designed to reinforce
the content.

Facilitator guides
Together, we create facilitator guides to ensure your
instructor-led training is repeatable and easily accessible
to different facilitators. 

Enhance Learning Programs with
Powerful Support Resources

Manager resources & coaching
With easy-to-digest manager-in-box resources, we help managers reinforce their teams’ learning
concepts and objectives. Our coaching services help managers achieve their Learning and
Development goals.

Communication strategies
Eye-catching, fun, and powerful communication materials enhance any type of learning initiative.
We work with you to identify and create the ideal resources to complement your program.

Quick reference guide (QRG)
QRGs provide a wealth of quickly accessible information in an easy-to-digest, engaging format.

We help you develop and train a team of mentoring rock stars who will support and motivate your
teams in pursuit of your organizational goals. 

Our eLearning offerings cater to modern learners, with a range of creative activities that engage and entertain. At Lumious, we’ll help you build a learning culture comprised of team members who are eager to learn and grow in support of organizational goals.