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Season 1
Episode #1

Introductions and Chasing Waterfalls

Show Notes

Meet our hosts, hear a shout-out to author Cammy Bean about her book “The Accidental Instructional Designer,” and get some insight into the roles and responsibilities of the array of professionals involved in developing and building training initiatives in the workplace. It is not unusual for subject matter experts (SMEs) to be asked to assist in the development of new training materials. It is also not unusual for some of those SMEs to change direction and move their careers toward the development side of training projects. Jeremy Brown and Dr. Tara Roberson-Moore both started as SMEs – so, if you are new or have been asked to help out with a training project – they have been where you are! It can be confusing – with theories, and philosophies, and frameworks, and models – oh my! But when it comes down to it – all of those things point back to common sense. Listen as they make the connections, provide tips, and leave the pod with information on how to get free job aids you can use in your ID work every day.

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