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Season 2
Episode #1

Reintroductions and Corporate Hot Takes

Show Notes

Hello all and welcome back for season 2 of Lessons from Terrible Students! We are back for another season of our podcast, but we have made a few changes. This season we have changed the lineup, as always we will have our instructional designer host Jeremy, but a returning guest host from last season has become a permanent co-host; our PM extraordinaire Sarah! She will give her unique perspective on all things learning and project management. To get to know her better we begin this season with what we are calling “Corporate Hot Takes” where we take on the newest phrases taking over LinkedIn and give you our opinions and thoughts. Interesting conversations all through this one!

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Your Hosts

Jeremy Brown

I went to a small private college in NC- they gave the most scholarships. I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. There were no jobs near me, so I had 2 choices: High School keyboarding teacher or installing cable. Installing cable paid more, so…

I installed cable for 7 years. I wasn’t the best tech because I didn’t enjoy it. Being a tech is a long and thankless job, the work never stops, and you’re judged on how fast you move. That wasn’t for me.

I found something I was passionate about when I joined the training dept. I was a go-between for Field Ops and L&D. I took what field employees said, removed the expletives, and gave it to the L&D team. After awhile, I was promoted to an ID. Since then, I’ve developed training for front-end employees, with compliance training sprinkled in.

My podcast role: remember what it was like when I was a front-end employee, and to bring that experience as a SME, and my experience as an ID, to each topic.

Sarah Meyer

Sarah is a Project Manager for Lumious with 12+ years of experience in the field of L&D. Sarah’s background includes everything from instructional design to facilitation, which gives her a unique behind-the-scenes understanding of the development process.

Sarah’s superpower is making personal connections and bringing a bit of fun to every project she manages.

When she’s not busy “herding cats” on projects, you can find her enjoying life by the sea in beautiful and historic downtown Wilmington, NC, where she lives with her husband and 2 dogs.