Analytics in Learning Management

Capturing analytics from learning management systems provides a rapid, low cost entry into analytics of the future.

As a Totara Partner with extensive Learning Management System customization experience, Lumious deploys solutions that immediately integrate all existing managed learning into international standard reporting formats.

Our data engineers have extensive experience in capturing legacy data sources as well.

Learning Record Store Flexibility

Some may lead you to believe that a Learning Record Store (LRS) is the key to learning analytics. There are many fine Learning Record Stores, both open source and proprietary. They are all built around a single published standard employing identical interactions.

The correct LRS solution for you depends on your needs. Lumious works with all LRS brands and the governing body that developed the standards. Products developed by our Lumious, LLC affiliate are developed to the industry standard and are regularly tested against major LRS brands.

In fact, we can work with multiple LRS installations and multiple LRS brands simultaneously. You can change and upgrade data stores at any time.

Integrate your Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics needn’t be isolated anymore. The analytics server has an expanding library for integrating your learning analytics with accounting, human resources and social media.