Data Science Technology for Executive and Leaders Series

Course Overview

As a leader, how to leverage your data is crucial.  In these Instructor Led modules let us help you understand what Data Science means.  This course will help you learn the why, how, and where data science can make an impact in your organization.  Including how to have conversations with your team and to make better strategic decisions around automation and data mining and how you implement it.

Call for Pricing
1-12 Sessions, 2-4 hours each day
  • Experience a brief discussion of these topics and others that may fit your business needs:

    • User Interaction (UI) and Experience/Graphic Design (UX)
    • Agile, Gitlab, Continuous Integration x, Docker, Test Driven, Development, Behavior Driven Development
    • Web: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
    • JavaScript, AngularJS, React
    • IOS and Android
    • Anisble
    • Infrastructure and the Cloud
    • Databases, SQL, NoSQL
    • Data Mining
    • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
    • Data Programing Languages: Python/R
    • Data Visualization and Tableau