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Developing a Coaching Culture *

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Course Overview

Our programs are designed to enable businesses to truly embed coaching as a discipline, encouraging team members to contribute the increased discretionary effort that every organization desires. We make sure our programs are shaped around some of the fundamental elements necessary for success. Those elements include:

  • Understanding the relationship that coaches need to develop with their coaches to enable successful coaching and skills development.
  • Finding the motivational ‘X’ factor that unlocks the individual’s potential.
  • Understanding the McGeechan 7 principles adopted by top coaches working with individuals and teams.
  • Introducing the processes and techniques for coaches to use.
  • Enabling your coaches to develop their own coaching toolbox so they can apply the right tool at the right time for an individual need.
  • Ensuring your coaches are able to coach formally and informally, both in one-to-ones or on-the-spot.
  • Checking for success and asking how it’s feeling: this is just as important as embedding the skill.
  • Finally, ensuring your staff are open to coaching and being coached. Feedback should come from anyone at any time, and this helps keeps performance levels high.