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MEF-CECP: A Guide to Advanced Industry Networking (Blueprint D) – eLearning

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Welcome to the 2nd edition of Lumious’s digital MEF-CECP course: A Guide to Advanced Industry Networking. This course provides an overview of Carrier Ethernet technologies, the MEF specifications for services and how these can be delivered over carrier core. In addition, there is information on metro and access networks along with other services deployed over a range of core transport and access technologies. It also provides a solid introduction to the principles of network and service design.

This Online eLearning covers the major areas tested on the MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) exam blueprint D. This online training includes:

6 eLearning Videos (Instructor videos, demos & activities)
6 Corresponding exam prep assessments with prescriptive feedback, images and reference to where to locate it in the materials.
1 Timed Mock Exam simulates the MEF-CECP exam with 80 questions, 105 minutes
Grades view to track your progress

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