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"Learning is fun," they said.

If forcing your people to daydream their way through yet another boring presentation or eLearning—just to tick a few boxes—sounds awful … we should chat.

(After all, who’s going to remember anything from that?)

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Welcome to Lumious

We create learning programs based on how people learn best
programs that spark behavior change
without draining your team’s resources along the way.

If you’re trying to produce all your learning & development in-house, you could probably be making better use of your time.

(So those eleventy-million other strategic priorities don’t end up by the wayside.)

And we all know that when your people need to learn a new tool or get a shiny new certification, you can’t afford in-one-ear, out-the-other training.

You need learning programs based in science but designed like art—delivered to your doorstep.

Because what your people need to thrive is the kind of learning they can remember and apply for years to come.

Psst … that’s what your bottom line needs, too.

And, you definitely don’t need to spend your budget on a vendor that’ll suck up your time now and underwhelm your learners later.

Help your people go from average to aficionado with comprehensive custom learning programs and a treasure trove of off-the-shelf courses.

Your greatest asset is your people, right? Well, let’s make the most of their time & talent.

(And make sure they stick around.)

We’ll do the heavy lifting …

strategizing how to best convey necessary information throughout your org

brainstorming how you can use learning to get measurable ROI for your business

creating materials that will have your people raving about your learning experiences

(and bringing up what they’ve learned at the water cooler all year long)

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We’re elbows-deep in Learning & Development daily, which means we know how powerful it can be.

If a flippant, “We’ll just wing it!” makes you want to cringe, we’re with you.

Learning and Development programming is up there with finance and sales … it’s downright essential to the success of your business.

(Not that we need to tell you that. But we digress.)

Your people deserve memorable learning experiences that help them grow personally and professionally.

And your business deserves to maximize every dollar spent on L&D.

That’s where we come in:


All you have to do is tell us your goals—or what’s not working in your org. We’ll listen, therapy-style, and propose data-based solutions to get you the results you need.


Once we agree on a strategic direction, our creatives & subject matter experts will get to work developing and delivering your learning program(s)—with each part designed to meet your business’s goals and needs.


You’ve already got a busy schedule and a full slate of responsibilities, and we respect that. Our dedicated project managers keep all the plates spinning for your project so you don’t have to.

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Hundreds of custom projects completed for

Fortune 500

and other global companies
serving as experts in eLearning and digital courses, as well as in-person learning experiences
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We don’t do boring.

After all, if our minds are wandering as we design your curriculum, we know your learners’ will be, too.
Here’s how we break the mold.

what problem you need to solve.

You don’t have to come to us with a 1,992-slide presentation plus talking points and sticky notes (although we’re happy to absorb info that way, too). Bring as many requirements as you do have, and we’ll ask all the right questions so we can put our heads together and figure out how learning can best serve your team.

the best solution for your needs.

Once we understand your business needs, we’ll recommend an evidence-backed next step. This could be an individual course that’s ready-to-go or a cohesive program including manager readiness and reinforcement opportunities.

a creative team to deliver your product.

Then the magic happens. We’ll bring in our instructional design experts, SMEs, and creative whizzes to build a multimodal learning experience. Before we wrap, we’ll apply your feedback and polish ‘til it shines.

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Our job is to make your job easier.

We’re a people-focused boutique L&D agency that creates custom, comprehensive learning solutions for enterprises, as well as solutions for improving business and technical skills.

We’re here to support you as you educate your people in a way that improves learning retention, encourages application, and inspires employee loyalty.

One other thing you should know—we’re all about relationships. Our guiding star? Do what’s right for our clients and their learners, no-holds-barred.

Check out our custom solutions

Need a top-to-bottom, custom plan to address a gap in your SOPs or DEI knowledge? Or not sure what you need? Start by reviewing our custom L&D options.

Off-the-Shelf Technical Courses

If you or your team need a Cisco, MEF, data science, or other technology-related certification or proficiency, sign up for one of our partner-authorized or off-the-shelf courses (or have us customize a course to fit your needs).
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