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Lumious is a Cisco Training Partner offering Cisco training courses, IT certifications, Apple and MEF training and more. From traditional classroom to computer-based training, from virtual delivery to today’s enhanced eLearning, Lumious has been a leader in the training and transference of technology skills for over 25 years. We’re on the forefront of providing Next Generation Learning and Training Solutions that best fit your needs.

View our latest Sizzle Reel to learn more about our Studio Department and eLearning Development projects.

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Lumious Specializes in Learning Development

Lumious provides eLearning services to all industry segments enabling employees and customers alike to work and learn remotely.  For additional information, please view our press release.

Learning Development Webinar

The below webinar is a recording of a session that discusses our Learning Development capabilities and offerings here at Lumious. It will give you a sneak peek into our learning…

Learning Development Case Study

For more information on Learning Development with Lumious, please view our case study page.  We have many customizable solutions tailored to your specific needs.  

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Lumious is committed to pushing the limits of technology and innovation to improve the training experience and support those that are energized by education.

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