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Using QR Codes to Enhance Your Training Activities

Are you looking for a quick way to spice up your current training sessions? QR codes can be an easy, affordable solution to add some new activities into your programs.


Create a scavenger hunt

For in-person groups, consider uploading videos or microlearnings linked to hidden QR codes around the space. Individuals must find the QR codes to complete all the learnings. This gets participants out of their seats and moving around, which can help retain focus during long periods of training.


Distribute training modules on sweet treats

Struggling with completion rates? Place QR code stickers on treats like cookies, iced coffees, or a bag of popcorn. Who wouldn’t want to complete their training when they’ve just been delivered a snack to enjoy while they learn?


Provide Just-In-Time training

Place QR codes that lead to videos or step-by-step procedures near where the tasks will be performed. Employees scan the code to review the steps required to complete the task. Bonus: This is great for commonly updated procedures. No need to update printed materials, simply upload a new video or document.


Track attendance, completions, and surveys

By placing a QR code on the doorway of a training classroom, you can automate in-person attendance tracking. This is especially helpful for large groups. You can also place QR codes at the end of printed materials to track completion or launch a course survey.


Hide “Easter Eggs” in training

Let’s face it, sometimes training topics don’t naturally lend themselves to fun ideas. Provide a quick brain break (and a laugh) by hiding easter eggs in the material via QR codes. Because these are hosted virtually, you can switch them up regularly. These could be quick videos recorded by staff, fun cartoons/memes, or even a “come see me for a prize” type messages.


Do you have other ideas for how to utilize QR codes in upcoming trainings? We’d love to hear them!

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