Equifax: What Went Wrong and How to Prevent it from Happening to You – Webinar Recording

Recorded – October 31, 2017


Lumious co-hosted Webinar on Cybersecurity  – Equifax: What Went Wrong and How to Prevent It From Happening to You – Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 3:00 PM EDT.

Speakers: Buffy Ellis, Julian Smith, Chris Braden

Organizations today are tasked with defending against an astounding number of complex cyber threats – everything from traditional attack methods like phishing and point of sale intrusion to emerging threats like malware, ransomware, and cyber espionage.

There is no such thing as complete breach prevention. But, the likelihood and potential damage from these attacks can be dramatically reduced with the right countermeasures in place. In this 60-minute webinar, we’ll tell the real story of what happened in some of the biggest breaches of the past few years, look ahead to tomorrow’s threats, and outline the skills and tactics needed to detect and stop these breaches.

Attendees Will Learn

  • The stories behind breaches at Equifax and elsewhere
  • The biggest security risks to today’s enterprises
  • The skills required to detect and thwart common breach scenarios

About the Speakers

Buffy Ellis
Vice President of Training
When computer network breaches occur, companies, their customers, media and the world quickly demand to know two things: how did this happen and who is to blame?  Buffy Ellis is a seasoned trainer, speaker, author, and packet enthusiast with one focus; equipping cyber analysts with the skills they need to provide the answers. With a hands-on approach to leadership, Buffy brings to bear her 25+ years of experience in Network Design, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, and Network Monitoring and Analysis to head a team of phenomenal technical experts in the delivery of hundreds of courses worldwide each year.  A former instructor herself, Buffy has personally trained over 4000 students in the areas of networking, firewall policy, intrusion detection and malware analysis over the course of her career. As the Vice President of Training, Buffy oversees Focal Point’s continually evolving Cybersecurity Training portfolio leading the charge to keep our courses up to date and relevant to the cyber challenges our customers are facing every day.

Julian Smith
Education Director
Julian is the Education Director of Focal Point’s cybersecurity training practice, Focal Point Academy. Julian has over 12 years’ experience in cyber defense and cybersecurity training, originally specializing in network security and operating systems. He has worked with both the U.S. and British governments in cyber defense. At Focal Point, Julian leads the team of expert instructors, researchers and course developers in producing and delivering cutting edge, hands-on cyber skills training for both public and private sector clients.

Chris Braden
Director, Channels & Alliance
Chris is an experienced business and sales leader, with a long focus on cyber security technologies and services. As Focal Point’s Director of Channels and Alliances, he spearheads the company’s partnerships with leading cyber security solutions providers. Chris has previously held positions with Verizon, Exceda, and Akamai Technologies. He holds an MBA from the George Mason University School of Business.