Course Overview

This course will take a more advanced look into Tableau, looking into advanced visualizations, origins of data, ways to export visualizations and dashboards.

2 days
Learning Credits: 
  • Day 1

    Module 1: Understanding the nature of Tableau

    • Introduction of Tableau, brief look at the pipeline and suite of tableau applications
    • Data Design: Looking at linking and exporting data, and demonstrating how the data relates in the visualization engine. Analysis of grouping and a look at basic visualizations such as tables, bar and line graphs.

    Module 2: Deeper Visualizations

    • Advanced visualizations such as circle plots, side by side graphs, heat maps, scatter plots, continuous line graphs, area charts and Tree Maps

    Module 3: Data Transformation Deep Dive

    • Data sorting and filtration
    • Using aggregation and logical operations for data grouping and binning
    • Performing functions on data types such as strings and date time.

    Module 4: Complex Visualizations

    • A look into data with multiple dimensions, such as dual axis plots, dual and combination charts
    • Deeper analytical charts such as Gantt charts, Pareto Analysis, motion charts, market basket analysis, and motion charts


    Day 2:

    Module 5: Data through Time

    • Time visualizations such as YTD, quick tables, custom tables, parallel periods, moving averages, running totals, window averages, predictive modeling and trend lines

    Module 6: Data I/O

    • Learning how to navigate through Tableau Server, acquiring data from databases vs. sheets.
    • Sharing data through external means such as webpages or SharePoint

    Module 7: Bringing it all Together

    • Dashboards that can reflect changes up to real-time
    • Mastering the data workflow pipeline and making sure teams receive

    Module 8: Additional Topics

    • A look at location data and mapping, geocoding, integration with Google Maps
  • Fundamentals of Tableau or equivalent knowledge