Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Installation, Configuring and Troubleshooting v2.1 (TEICT-CT)

Course Overview

This is a three day instructor-led course that focuses on the skills and knowledge for Entry Level Administrator and Technicians. Students Install, Configure, and Troubleshoot Cisco TelePresence Endpoints; including the Cisco SX80, SX20, SX10, C60, C90, MX700, MX800 EX90, DX650, DX70, DX80, WebEx Room 55, WebEx Room 70, Room Kit, Room Kit+ and various other TelePresence Series Endpoints. Students will also setup Cisco Jabber Telepresence Endpoints. Students will use the Endpoints, VCS/Expressway, CUCM, and TMS to Monitor and Troubleshoot Endpoints.

3 days
  • The software applications that are covered in this course include:

    • Cisco Endpoints
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 12.5
    • Cisco VCS/Expressway
    • Cisco TMS Server (TMS)
    • Cisco TelePresence Conductor/ Telepresence Server
    • Cisco Meeting Server
  • Module 0: Introduction

    Module 1: Cisco Endpoints

    • Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Portfolio Overview
    • Cisco Intelligent Proximity Overview
    • Cisco TelePresence TC/CE Software-Based Peripherals
    • Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series
    • Cisco TelePresence DX Series
    • Cisco TelePresence TC/CE Software-Based Characteristics
    • Cisco TelePresence EX Series
    • Cisco TelePresence Integrator C Series-Based Endpoints
    • Cisco TelePresence SX Series
    • Cisco TelePresence MX Series
    • Cisco TelePresence Spark Room Kits
    • Cisco IX5000

    Module 2: SIP and H.323 Networking Basics

    • Basic Network Configuration
    • Understanding H323 and SIP
    • Understanding SIP and H323 Call Flows
    • H323 and SIP Interworking

    Module 3: Provisioning Endpoints

    • Upgrading TC to Collaboration Endpoints
    • Upgrading Firmware of Telepresence Units
    • Cisco Unified Communication Manager Overview
    • Video Endpoint Registration Process Overview
    • Network Time Protocol
    • VLAN Discovery Process
    • Manual Cisco Endpoint Configuration
    • Verifying Endpoints Registration on CUCM
    • VCS/ ExpresswayVCS / Expressway SIP Configuration
    • Verifying CUCM Registration on Endpoint
    • Monitoring Endpoints on CUCM
    • Using Ping to Cisco Endpoints

    Module 4: Cisco Conferencing Solutions Overview

    • Cisco Collaboration Architecture
    • Types of Traditional Conferences
      • Ad Hoc Multipoint
      • Rendezvous/Meet-Me
      • Scheduled
    • ¬†Multisite
    • Cisco Meeting Server (CMS)
    • TelePresence Multipoint Media Infrastructure Overview
      • Cisco TelePresence MCU
      • Cisco TelePresence Server
      • Cisco TelePresence Conductor
    • Conductor Conferencing Platforms
    • TelePresence Server Platforms

    Module 5: Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS)

    • Cisco TMS Overview
    • Operating the Cisco TMS
    • What TMS is used for in a Telepresence Environment
    • Endpoint Discovery Process
    • Phonebooks & Phonebook Sources
    • Endpoint Configuration
    • Creating Conferences in the Cisco TMS
    • Booking & Scheduling
      • Participant Types
      • Methods
    • Scheduler / Smart Scheduler
    • Conference Monitoring
  • Lab 1: Implement Cisco Collaboration Endpoints
    Lab 2: Register, Configure and Verify Telepresence SX80, EX90, 8800 Series IP Phones and Jabber to Cisco Unified Communications Manager
    Lab 3: Monitor and Troubleshoot Cisco Endpoints registered on CUCM
    Lab 4: Register, Configure and Verify Telepresence SX10, C60, to VCS and Expressway
    Lab 5: Monitor and Troubleshoot Cisco Endpoints registered on VCS and Expressway
    Lab 6: Operate and Troubleshoot Cisco Collaboration Endpoints using the Web Interface
    Lab 7: Implement and Monitor Conferences on Cisco Collaboration Endpoints
    Lab 8: Use TMS to Configure and Monitor Telepresence Conferences

    • Basic Windows Knowledge
    • Working knowledge of basic IP networking
  • The primary audience for this course is as follows:

    • Network Video Technicians / Administrators