Data Science Technology Training Series for Leaders

Course Overview

Data Science Technology Series Introduction for the Leaders

As a leader, how to leverage your data is crucial.  In these Instructor Led modules let us help you understand what Data Science is all about.  This course will help you learn the why, how, and where data science can make an impact in your organization.  Including how to have conversations with your team and to make better strategic decisions around data mining and how you implement it.

Call for Pricing
12 Modules, 4 hours per module Modules can be delivered back to back in same week or spread out through a month/year days
  • After completing this Instructor Led overview, the participants will be able to:

    • Understand what Data Science, Big Data, and AI is all about
    • Identify and understand how AI and Machine Learning can be used for business use cases
    • Become familiar with Data Science terms to help with planning and strategy
    • To better understand how to have conversations around Data Science to better lead a team
    • Experience a brief discussion of the topics (Each module is approximately 4 hours each)
    • Module 1- User Interaction and Experience/Graphic Design
    • Module 2- Agile, Gitlab, Continuous Integration x, Docker, Test Driven, Development, Behavior Driven Development
    • Module 3- Web: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
    • Module 4- JavaScript, AngularJS, React
    • Module 5- IOS
    • Module 6- Android
    • Module 7- Infrastructure and the Cloud
    • Module 8- Databases, SQL, NoSQL
    • Module 9- Data Mining
    • Module 10- Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
    • Module 11- Data Programing Languages: Python/R
    • Module 12- Data Visualization and Tableau
    • Leadership, Directors, Managers (Beginner to Intermediate)
    • Anyone who needs a brief understanding of Data Science, AI and Big Data topics
    • Someone who is involved in strategic planning