Fundamentals of Tableau

Course Overview

This course is designed to introduce the learner to Tableau. The learner will create basic, intermediate and complex visualizations, manipulate data through Tableau’s interface, and combine the knowledge to make interactive dashboards.

Visualizations include heat maps, cross tabs, distributions, tree maps, pie and bar charts, dual axis and combo charts, box plots, scatter plots, and tables.

1 day
Learning Credits: 
  • Module 1: Introduction to Tableau

    • Understanding basic terminology of the software
    • Tour of features of Tableau / Demonstration of visualizations
    • Create basic visualizations with simple datasets

    Module 2: Digging into Data

    • Data Transformation: Making basic calculations with both numerical and string data, logical statements, navigating date-time fields, quick field calculations
    • Data Aggregation: Aggregating numerical data (sums, averages, ratios), Grouping and binning data
    • Creating more focused visualizations with data manipulation and data aggregation

    Module 3: Handling the Data

    • Creating more intricate and expressive visualizations using measure name and values
    • Handling changes in data such as dealing with new data, deletion, or changes in the data

    Module 4: Bringing it all together

    • Combining all of the previous techniques into a dashboard
    • Learning to share the dashboard with others