Identification & Calculation of ROI (ROI)

Course Overview

This course is designed to help an individual understand how to collect data to determine ROI so they can confirm the business case outcomes to their clients.

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8 hours over 5 days
  • This virtual ILT program is designed to support Account Managers, Business Development personnel, Training Consultants, Performance Managers, and Delivery Managers in developing their skills in evaluation and ROI collation to support their business client and enhance their relationships across a company or customer.

  • Module 1 – The Kick-off

    • Introduction and welcome
    • Why Evaluation is important at all 4 Kirkpatrick levels
    • The importance of ROI within the business
    • The training evaluation process – high-level why, where, who, how and when
    • Kolb’s Learning Styles – understanding your participants and how they learn best and how we use this to evaluate to ROI

    Module 2

    • Developing the business outcome from the client
    • Identifying the ROI Scorecard which is relevant to the development need
    • Drilling down to identify whether the need is answered by training or another intervention
    • Developing the Business Case for the client
    • How do you identify training needs?
      • Observation
      • Discussion
      • Questionnaire
      • Psychometric profile
      • 360 feedback

    Module 3

    • Business Outcomes into Broad Aim and Objective
    • Creating the Learning plan
    • Define the learning session objectives
    • Identify the best tools to confirm learning assimilation
    • Mini assessments
      • Quizzes and tests
      • Roleplays
      • Skills challenges and assessments
    • • Deep dive into the content
      • Do and don’ts
      • Creating robust facilitator notes and supporting materials
      • Design evaluation levels 1 and 2 for the program
      • Where ROI fits in the design process

    Module 4 – The tools in Evaluation The critical element in this session is to identify what you want to evaluate and how

    • Reminder of the Business Case and client’s outcome
    • The Evaluation Process
      • Consider what we will evaluate
      • How we will evaluate?
      • When the evaluation takes place?
      • Who is best suited to evaluate?
    • The tools to measure and evaluate
      • Goal setting
      • Self – evaluation
      • Peer evaluation
      • Supervisor evaluation
      • High level evaluation

    Module 5 – Post Event Evaluation, short and long term view

    • Identifying post event evaluation processes and timelines, these should have been reflected in the initial business case scope
    • Learning journals and their impact in evaluation and ROI collation
    • Reminder of goal setting as a measurement and how the Manager, supervisor is a critical part
    • What can you evaluate post event and how?
    • The importance of Post Implementation Review to the business, the client, the learner and the training team. What has happened
    • What worked and what didn’t
    • What has the evaluation process and measurements shown
    • What are the lessons that need to be learned?
    • What are the actions that are needed to implement any outstanding issues Outline continued in “Course Other Information”