Negotiation Skills

Course Overview

In the real world, negotiation is much more than just trying to get your needs satisfied. To be truly effective requires a broader perspective. Through hands-on experience, you’ll learn what it takes at each stage of the negotiation process to be truly effective. Find out what you bring to the table, how to listen to what others need, and how to find creative ways of getting the needs of both parties met. Participants learn compromise, discover where they have flexibility, and how to find workable solutions.

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    • A Specific Negotiations Process: Conflicts will always happen. Learn a step-by-step process that leverages healthy conflict to increase productivity and creativity.
    • Understanding And Using Different Negotiations Styles: Everyone handles negotiations differently. Evaluate your own style and learn how to best adapt to other styles.
    • Negotiations Tips And Techniques: Discover a variety of proven methods and techniques for negotiation. We cover a range of situations, from merely trying to exert influence, to dealing with aggressive tactics, to arriving at creative solutions.
    • Building “Emotional Bank Accounts”: With this model, “deposits” and “withdrawals” can increase understanding. Step-by-step, participants arrive at ways to build a high trust environment.
    • Reaching Win-Win Agreements: Find out about the five dimensions of win-win agreements; this can be the key to successful negotiations.
    • Using Creative Problem-Solving Techniques: There’s often a “the third alternative;” find out how to use other win-win tools.
    • Practicing Hands-On Negotiation Using Real-Life Problems: Put your ideas, concepts and techniques to use through an actual negotiation.