NSO Advanced for Python Programmers (NSO300)

Course Overview

The NSO Advanced for Python Programmers1 (NSO300) course is an instructor led, lab-based, hands-on course offered by Learning@Cisco. It introduces learners to developing advanced services using Cisco® Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) programmability with Python scripting.

5 days
    • Describe the NSO’s transactional application framework and mapping model options
    • Describe the Reactive Fastmap design pattern and the NSO Configuration Database (CDB) subscriber in the NSO Transaction model
    • Simplify packages to remove the need for subscriber applications, scale orchestration solutions, and integrate NSO with external systems (east-west integration)
    • Describe the Cisco ESC architecture and integration with NSO, and how the NSO VNF Orchestration (VNFO) Release 2 bundle interacts with ESC for orchestration
    • Module 1: Cisco NSO Programmability
      • NSO Application Framework
      • NSO Python Scripting
      • NSO Python and Template-Based Services
      • Resources
    • Module 2: Augmenting Cisco NSO Service
      • Service Lifecycle and Integration Options Overview
      • Greenfield Layer 3 MPLS VPN Service
      • Brownfield Layer 3 MPLS VPN Service
    • Module 3: Managed Services
      • Managed Services Overview
      • Stacked Service Design Overview
      • Design-Managed Network Services
      • Scaling Service Orchestration
    • Module 4: Cisco NSO Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Orchestration
      • ETSI MANO
      • Cisco ESC
      • Cisco NSO Orchestration
    • Lab 1: Device Setup Using Python Script
    • Lab 2: Create an SVI Service Using pre_modification Service Callback
    • Lab 3: Create a L3VPN Service Using Dynamic ID Allocation
    • Lab 4: L3VPN Service Upgrade
    • Lab 5: Stacked Services
    • Lab 6: Service Action
    • Lab 7: ESC Integration
    • Lab 8: NFV for the DMZ Service
  • Cisco recommends that you have the following prerequisite knowledge and skills:

    • Knowledge and skills that can be obtained by attending the Cisco NSO Essentials for Programmers and Network Architects (NSO201) class or equivalent
    • Basic knowledge of the Cisco Command-Line Interface (CLI)
    • Basic knowledge of the CLI of UNIX-like operating systems
    • Basic knowledge of YANG data modeling
    • Basic knowledge of Java or Python software development
  • The primary audience for this course is system installers, system integrators, system administrators, network administrators, and solutions designers.